The mega-valve in half its glory, with Mr. Dana on top. Control Seal is proud to be equipped to complete process of manufacturing, machining, assembly and testing in-house.

Control Seal: record DBBV headed to KSA

Control Seal recently announced it had manufactured ‘officially the world’s largest DBBV’, breaking its own record from the year 2018. The 48” DBBV expanding plug valves are destined to go to Saudi Aramco for its major fuel distribution hub in KSA. ControlSeal is approved by Saudi Aramco for unlimited size.
^ The mega-valve in half its glory, with Mr. Dana on top. Control Seal is proud to be equipped to complete process of manufacturing, machining, assembly and testing in-house.

Article by Lucien Joppen

Valve World India contacted the Dutch company to elaborate on this 48” valve. “Until this valve, the biggest size was a 42” full bore for a customer in South Africa, that we delivered in 2018”, says CEO J. Dana. Our advanced design enables us to manufacture unlimited sizes. We did not notice any evidence in the market about any of this type 48” DBBV so far. Therefore, we assume we are the first and only.”

Major hub

Mr. Dana states that the company’s engineering team came up with a cost-effective design to keep existing tooling and machining cost to a minimum. “The trim calculations and 3D-design enabled our team to keep overall dimensions to a minimum. The total weight is only about ten tons and the non-friction design means there’s no need large pneumatic actuators like on other types of friction valves. We used our non-contact and friction-free Helixtrunnion® system that eliminates size and weight limitations caused by pins and gears in tilt & turn systems used by other manufacturers.”

This 48”DBBV and several of its ‘sisters’ will be used in a major distribution hub of Saudi Aramco to transport refined products such as premium gasoline 91, 95 (PG91 and PG95), kerosene (DPK) and diesel oil (DO) via large pipelines from three major KSA refineries to facilitate shipment from two connecting pipelines.


“The company uses safety first - Double Block & Bleed, non-lubricated, expanding plug valves as these have highest integrity, long term 100 per cent shut off with provable sealing by integrated bleed system that guarantees real DIB&DBB. There is no need to have two valves and a bleed piece”, Mr. Dana states. “It is a safe, more cost-effective and a more reliable solution. Only one actuator operates the DIB/DBB integrated in one valve body. There is also hardly or no maintenance needed, it is self-cleaning and there are no lubrication points.”

Mr. Dana says these non-friction systems were developed many years ago as a substitution for failing friction mechanisms of conventional valves as gate, ball, or butterfly valves. “Their internal mechanisms are prone to friction, causing wear and tear, shortening the lifetime and integrity of the valve.”


DBBV’s can be made full bore, fully piggable, compact reduced bore, or extended stem or short pattern. This specific type of DBBV could be made with butt weld ends, can be welded directly into the pipelines without a PUP-piece. “This brings significant costs and time savings. DBBV’s are known for their stiffness. If the ground below pipeline is not stable, this valve will not bend and will not jam. It is safe and reliable on the long term”, Mr. Dana says.

“Because of their reliability and safety features, DBBV’s are suitable for tank farms, pipelines, refined products, airport fuel distribution systems, jetties, manifolds and gas applications such as gas transmission lines, liquid propane, ethylene or chemicals. Basically, anywhere where a high-integrity solution can overcome the flaws of traditional valves.”

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