Special requests are no problem for the team at  Indra, as this API 10,000 valve demonstrates.

Indra: tailor-made in Italy

Indra Srl prides itself on its ‘Made in Italy’ and tailor-made approach. “Our mission is to satisfy our clients’ needs by developing customized solutions. Safety, efficiency and reliability are pillars of our corporate culture and we try to improve our company’s performance by product and process innovation.”
Special requests are no problem for the team at Indra, as this API 10,000 valve demonstrates.

By Lucien Joppen

Set up in 1987, Indra Srl designs and manufactures ball and needle valves in various configurations and diameters, integral and split body double block & bleed (DBB) versions, manifolds for instrumentation and interlocking manifolds for HIPPS systems, “strictly produced in according to the most stringent quality standards of safety and efficiency”, the company states.

To guarantee the high quality standards of its products, Indra uses raw materials of exclusively Italian and European origin.

“The raw material is carefully selected, as it is a fundamental and decisive requirement for the final choice by customers.”

“The raw material is carefully selected, as it is a fundamental and decisive requirement for the final choice by customers”, Indra states. 

“The excellent quality is deemed a ‘must’ and the selection becomes then an essential starting point because the good product performance depends on this parameter.”

All the products are machined from the most standard materials, but also from those ‘exotic’ materials used for critical applications (duplex, super duplex, Monel et cetera). The company has modern machinery for very precise mechanical processing, with testing phases of the single items during the production process.

Indra also monitors its products closely throughout its factory life cycle: from engineering to production. Indra employs a wide range of tests carried out in-house, tracking products during all their development phases.

Knowledge and expertise

As mentioned above, Indra states that it is able to translate specific process conditions into tailor-made or bespoke product solutions that satisfy specific customer’s needs. “We have the knowledge and expertise to work these conditions (media, pressure, temperature, et cetera) into product solutions that guarantee the best results. This might sound relatively straight-forward but you also need a smoothly-run organization to handle these information streams in an efficient and timely manner. This is what sets us apart from many companies, not only in our opinion but also the market recognizes this.”

The combination of the above company features – material quality, process expertise - has allowed Indra to establish itself over the years throughout various sectors of industry. The company is primarily active in the oil & gas and in the petrochemical sectors. “Our solutions are mainly used in the oil & gas, petrochemical, off-shore platforms and in the energy sectors and are integrated into plants and process configurations with a high commercial and technological value. 

Hence the need to guarantee the highest quality.”

LNG and hydrogen: new challenges
Recently, Indra also moved into the LNG and hydrogen market. Both markets are in various stages of development, with LNG already matured and hydrogen production for energy in its infancy.

Indra says it is already serving several major customers in the domain of LNG and hydrogen as they have “recognized the high standards of reliability and safety of the design, manufacturing and supply of our products.”

Specifically for cryogenic valves, Indra has supplied valves for several major projects, such as the Yamal LNG Project (2012) and Arctic LNG Project (2019). As for power generation, Indra has taken on an important role in projects such as Stef (Sener EPC) and LNG Coastal Depot Ravenna (EPC Edison).

“The quality and reliability of our products have kept active the request for support from Indra for the construction of new cryogenic valves designed for applications in these specific sectors. Thanks to recurring opportunities, we are constantly working to consolidate our position in these markets, hence the need for specific development actions and strategies also aimed at obtaining qualifications from end users, as happened with the Russian company “Novatek” for the LNG sector.

“Indra has also moved into the LNG and hydrogen market.”

Key events

With the above in mind, Indra has chosen to participate in some key events in these sectors, such as LNG 2022 scheduled in Saint Petersburg, for the LNG industry. Indra has always considered its foreign presence important. For this reason, the company has built its commercial network over the years in some strategic areas through carefully selected distributors and agents.

Indra has an agent in Asia, as well, and the local presence allows to directly manage some key activities, for the development of the reference market and business.

The participation in exhibitions and in the most important events in the oil & gas sector is another aspect that underlines Indra’s goal to affirm its role as a protagonist in both the domestic and foreign markets.

“In parallel with our market penetration activities and the improvement of customer support with the reduction of delivery times, we also have invested in equipment and facilities, including a bunker for very high-pressure tests, for the ‘inhouse’ specific tests for the above sectors. “Our valve line is therefore constantly in progress for the study and construction of ball piping and needle instrumentation valves in multiple configurations.”

Single valve body

Indra mentioned earlier its potential to innovate within the product gamma it offers for various sectors and process applications. Over the years, the company has launched several innovative products, such as the Iblok Line.

“In the oil industry, environmental and human safety are fundamentally important. It is the safety feature that was at the base of the development of the Iblok valve line. In the DBB version, we have replaced the traditional ‘Christmas Tree’ installation which combines a multitude of valves, by incorporating multiple functions in a single valve body. Those valves, besides improving efficiency in process installations, offer relevant advantages of reduction of costs, installation and maintenance times. All valves can be equipped with accessories such as blocking systems, electrical signals, actuators etc., improving their safety and efficiency requirements.”

SIL4 modular manifold

Indra recently launched the SIL4 modular manifold, designed specifically for instrumental control applications. Indra says that this product guarantees a high standard of safety, efficiency and quality in HIPPS systems. “The SIL4 modular manifold permanently guarantees the continuity of information between the process and the pressure sensors. 

Hereby we have eliminated human errors completely. Also, we have ensured that, in case of replacements or checks (for electrical or mechanical damage etc.), one or more sensors always remain active through the various available configurations identified as 1oo2, 2oo3, 1oo4 and others.”

Indra claims that the SIL4 modular manifold has extra safety features, such as the compulsory sequence of operations (never superimposable) and protection of the line from overpressure. “As for environment protection, the manifold reduces polluting emissions into the atmosphere due to high pressure lines.”

The standard construction of the SIL4 modular manifold does not accommodate the use of protective containers. However, in outdoor installations, it is recommended to use them to protect both the manifold and the instruments.

“Over the years the company has launched several innovative products, such as the Iblok Line.”

For this purpose, a stainless steel and polyester container has been designed and manufactured to safeguard all the components of the system. The container will have different sizes depending on the 1oo2-2oo3-1oo4 configuration selected for the manifold.

DBB Twin pattern valve

Another product made by Indra is the DBB twin pattern valve. The DBB twin valve is made both in the ball and needle version and is realized from a monobloc using the material suitable for the applications. “A common alloy is AISI 316L but we can deliver in more exotic materials. The extremely compact dimensions facilitate assembly in combination with the process variable control instrumentation (pressure transmitters, pressure switches, pressure gauges, etc.) in small spaces. The DBB twin valve has a single process connection and two totally separate outlet connections, each of which is made in the DBB configuration. The separation of the outgoing lines allows to control the process through one tool, while any other maintenance is being performed.”

The DBB twin valve can also be made with separate inlets, Indra states, to have two pressure lines completely independent of each other. With the twin valve, Indra claims it has developed a product that is compact, realizes cost reductions and safe due to continuous monitoring of process pressure. “We are also able to deliver across a wide range of materials, diameter and rating of the inlet flange (from ∞" to 6" - # 150 / # 2500) and to accommodate special requests, for example API 10,000.”

Ethical standards

Apart from designing and manufacturing high-performance ball and needle valves, Indra stresses the importance of doing business in a correct manner.

“We have always paid great attention to the ethical aspects of our company and consider legality and correctness as essential conditions for conducting business. Therefore, we have established an Ethical Code which forms an integral part of our organization and management structure. For Indra, it is not only about the right products and services, but also about doing things the right way.”

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