IVAMA association platform to handle the COVID-19

Indian valve industry responds to COVID-19

With the coronavirus continuing to dominate the headlines, Valve World India & Middle East is proud to report on one of the many initiatives being undertaken by the IVAMA to help promote a return to normality.
^ IVAMA association platform to handle the COVID-19

Article by John Butterfield

United response in India

The Indian valve industry gets together on the IVAMA association platform to handle the COVID-19 crisis, reports Director General Mr. R Muruganantham:

The Indian Valve and Actuator Manufacturers Association (IVAMA Association) was formed to support the betterment of the Indian Valve Industry. It offers its members an array of services ranging from education & training, networking opportunities, access to market information, updates on projects, policy advocacy and conferences. It has currently 43 members - 22 founding members, 11 manufacturer members and 10 associate members. 

Formed just about 8 months back, IVAMA Association has knitted the industry together in the totally new times of a pandemic, the Coronavirus contagion. Some of us have read or heard about pandemics, but neither expected it nor experienced it. Hence this COVID-19 pandemic has brought the whole world to a standstill. All individual, family, society, company, and government are taking precautions and steps to overcome the damages it is causing. IVAMA Association quickly recognized the possible impact of COVID-19 and subsequent lockdown imposed by the Government of India (GOI). It had taken many proactive steps to help its members to overcome the hardship due to lockdown. 

In middle of March 2020, IVAMA prepared a detailed questionnaire with regards to COVID-19, the crude oil price and the foreign exchange rate and asked feedback from all its members. Most of the members responded giving the effect on order booking, supply chain, employees, shop floor operation, etc. All the manufacturers got together and shared thoughts to prepare themselves, being particularly insightful to smaller companies. 

After the 21 days lockdown was announced from March 25th to April 14th and subsequently extended to 3rd May, all the members got together on the digital highway through video conferencing. Hosted by Mr. Arvind K Goel, Chairman of the association, there was good participation and members shared their experiences on the effect of lockdown, customers, supply chain, human relationship, finance and logistics. Significant knowledge sharing has taken place adding value to the community, bringing resilience and better preparation for restoration of operations. With the extensive use of communication tools, most of the companies are successful with varied degree of office staff working from home. Reviewing enquiries/preparing offers, order processing, material planning and production planning; design/engineering, inventory management etc., are some activities being done. 

All government circulars, orders and other relevant documents prepared by experts are circulated to all members. Important websites are also shared with members. These details are also uploaded in website of the association for ready reference. These have also helped all companies to be ready with their business continuity plans. 

All the health and safety norms are being regularised and the industry is taking actions together to share and create best practices for the future. Moreover, it will not be the old normal way but a ‘NEW’ normal way of working. The valve industry is using the lockdown period effectively to strengthen internal processes and valve companies are rearing to service their customers, teamed up through the IVAMA Association platform.  

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