Sister titles

Our vision is to provide professionals involved in the flow control businesses with fast access to reliable, quality information with worldwide coverage in the flow control industry. We have a strong focus on technical information and are end user driven. Through the printed media department, various publications of the flow control industry are printed throughout the year.

Valve World
A cornerstone is without doubt Valve World magazine. Valve World is a leading international magazine on valves, control valves, actuators and associated products with a worldwide distribution. It is published 10 times per year. The editorial content strongly focuses on end-user experiences and practical applications. Apart from technical articles on valve design, fluid control, sealing technology, actuation etceteras, topical issues such as maintenance & repair, high temperature/high pressure application, abrasive service and standardisation are covered as well.

Valve World Asia
Valve World Asia Journal is the leading trade journal for valves and associated products with a distribution in only Chinese speaking countries.
The Valve World Annual Procurement Report is a special annual publication dedicated to procurement issues in the field of flow control. Including articles about current procurement-related issues such as frame agreements, online bidding and cross-cultural negotiations, this publication presents the views of procurement professionals and end-users from all over the world. As a supplement to these interesting articles the Annual Procurement Report also offers valuable technical information on topics such as the principles of valve selection as well as a selection of company profiles. The Annual Procurement Report also includes a list of the global valve associations, a glossary of useful terminology and a Buyers'Guide+Online of valve manufacturers.
Armaturen Welt
Armaturen Welt is the leading newspaper for valves and associated products with a distribution in only German speaking countries. For more information please contact Simon Neffelt