EID-Parry to set up distillery plant in Andhra Pradesh

13 September 2021

The Board of Directors of EID-Parry (India) has approved the setting up of 120 klpd grain/sugar syrup/molasses-based distillery at Sankili unit in Andhra Pradesh. The distillery has an existing capacity of 297 klpd with capacity utilisation of 90 to 95%. 

The estimated investment towards the project is Rs 92.50 crore and will be financed through borrowings. The project is expected to be commenced by November 2022.

The Centre has announced an Ethanol Blending Programme of 20% by 2025. The company intends to avail this opportunity by increasing its foray into ethanol production.

The proposed distillery will utilise sugarcane juice/syrup as its principal feedstock during the cane crushing season and grains like broken rice/maize/bajra during the offseason for the manufacture of ethanol, which is expected to have an assured off-take by the oil marketing companies under a clear pricing mechanism.