New irrigation project to ensure water for Krishna, WG

03 May 2021

In what could be a boon for upland areas of Krishna and West Godavari districts, the state government has decided to take up another lift irrigation project linking the Polavaram project. 

The new scheme has been designed to lift water from the dead storage level from the Polavaram project and cater to the needs of the upland areas when there is no sufficient water in the Polavaram reservoir to supply to irrigation canals. The move is expected to ensure drinking water as well as irrigation water in the two districts for almost two crops.

Experts say the government is making every possible attempt to tap surplus water from the Godavari to protect the interests of farmers in the state. The government has already requested the Central Water Commission (CWC) to change the existing designs of the Polavaram project to pump out more water from the project into the canals. The irrigation department contended that more water could be drawn with minor changes to the design which would help derive maximum benefit.

Meanwhile, the government has proposed to take up the irrigation project to tap water from the dead storage level. Since the Polavaram project is fully owned and managed by the AP government, there will be no issues in drawing the quantum of water from the project.

“The new scheme has been designed to lift water from the dead storage of Polavaram Irrigation Project by the construction of lift system near head regulator of Polavaram reservoir and dropping into right side connectivity of Polavaram Irrigation Project in non-monsoon season for domestic water supply to villages in upland and drought-prone areas of West Godavari and Krishna districts during the months from January to April,” said J Syamala Rao, water resources secretary.