Vedanta to set up copper-smelter complex worth 10000 cr

05 April 2021

Vedanta Ltd, a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources, is looking to partner with State governments to set up a copper smelter complex in a coastal region in India. The investment in the complex could be around 10,000 crore and provide employment to nearly 10,000 people, says an Expression of Interest (EoI) issued by the company to set up the copper-smelter complex. 

The EoI says that the copper smelter of 500 KPA will require a footprint of around 1,000 acres in proximity to port along with logistics connectivity with conveyor/corridor of rail and road to handle 5 mtpa material movement on both in-bound and out-bound sides.

The issue of EoI comes with the Sterlite’s Thoothukudi plant shut since April 2018 over allegations of polluting the environment. The case to reopen is now in the Supreme Court.