M N Dastur joins US-funded study on carbon capture

11 January 2021

Dastur Energy Inc, along with Dastur International and MN Dastur (MND) & Co, is set to carry out a feasibility study at the 13.7 mtpa Koyali Refinery of Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL). 

This will be the country’s first refinery carbon capture and utilization project, in which TX-based Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions and Austin TX-based Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas will also participate.

The study is funded by the United States Trade and Development Agency as part of its mission to promote the development of sustainable infrastructure projects and fostering economic growth in partner countries like India.

The IOCL operates 11 of the country’s 23 refineries while the one at Koyali is its flagship refinery. They want the carbon dioxide captured from its hydrogen generation units to carry out the enhanced oil recovery (EOR) at the nearby ONGC oil field at Gandhar in Gujarat. The EOR will help in raising the oil production at Gandhar oil fields while trapping the carbon dioxide permanently underground. The study will, however, go through the technical viability, economic cost, and feasibility of capturing carbon dioxide and using it for the EOR.