DOMO Chemicals launches PEEK solution to replace PAI

14 September 2020

DOMO Chemicals has expanded its THERMEC™ range of enhanced polymers, with the introduction of a cost-efficient product based on polyether ether ketone (PEEK), blended with a solid polymeric lubricant. The new solution, which is now available in India, has been specially developed to replace polyamide-imides (PAI), without impacting performance. 

THERMEC™ K is an innovative experimental product that has been developed at DOMO’s Mumbai-based laboratory in India, a huge market for friction and wear-resistant materials. The solution is suitable for numerous industrial applications, including bushings & bearings, aerospace parts, pump & valve components, medical instrument parts, and food processing machinery components.

DOMO’s Mumbai team has shown that THERMEC™ K is suitable for numerous applications, especially when low wear, low coefficient of friction at temperatures of up to 200C°, and resistance to high load-bearing conditions, is required. Furthermore, it grants a lower density of 1.32g/cm3, compared to a PAI solution of 1.42g/cm3.

In addition to offering comparable tribological properties to PAI, THERMEC™ K can be processed using a standard injection moulding procedure. This means that the use of complex cold injection moulding equipment followed by a lengthy steam curing process is unnecessary. THERMEC™ K offers a wide range of material property benefits that range from exceptional properties at elevated temperatures, chemical resistance, mechanical strength, strong wear and fatigue resistance, and dielectric strength.