Va Tech Wabag sees a huge opportunity in Hyderabad

29 June 2020

Va Tech Wabag is seeing growth opportunities in India and overseas. The company, which is operating drinking water treatment plants in Hyderabad, sees the potential to cater to wastewater treatment in the city in the coming years, as the city may potentially generate 700-800 million litres per day (MLD) of wastewater. 

Rajneesh Chopra, Global Head-Business Development, Va Tech Wabag, said: “We have done projects that are water and wastewater treatment-related for TSGenco in Telangana. We had been catering to the water treatment needs of Krishna drinking water supply project at Kodandapur in the State with a cumulative capacity of 1,230 mld. We have also been awarded the treatment plant works for the Godavari drinking water supply project at Mallaram with a capacity of 735 MLD. These are the major facilities where we are operating, maintaining, and optimising the plant operations. We also see scope to cleaning up Hussain Sagar lake.”

The 95-year old company has adequate experience in creating and maintaining common effluent treatment plants in large industrial clusters such as the upcoming Hyderabad Pharma City, initiated by the State government, added Chopra.

Chopra informed, “During the lockdown, Wabag has been operating its drinking water treatment plants in Hyderabad, providing water to more than 1.10 crore people. Hyderabad is getting sufficient water supply and when this happens, there is a generation of more wastewater. And there is scope for further wastewater management. I foresee there will be 700-800 MLD of wastewater in Hyderabad that needs to be treated before discharged, recycled or re-used. Wabag can play a significant role here. I think the government is already working on this and all the tenders could be floated within this financial year.”