Goa Government to set up a C&D waste recycling facility

04 November 2019

Goa government will set up a construction and demolition (C&D) waste recycling facility based on Irish technology with assistance from SINTEF Norway, minister for science and technology Michael Lobo announced recently.

The facility is likely to come up in North Goa while waste to energy plant is proposed for South Goa. Both plants will come up with the public-private partnership (PPP) model, Lobo said, while speaking to reporters in Norway.

SINTEF will finalize the detailed project report within a month of deciding the site for the C&D waste plant. Lobo said that establishing a C&D plant in Goa will help clear construction debris and help recycle stone aggregates and sand. Recycled aggregates and sand can be used for construction and those buying it will be given around 15% subsidy,” he said.

A state government delegation has visited Velde Industries at Stavanger to understand the working technology of a C&D treatment facility, and Fortum at Oslo to understand the technology that converts waste into energy.