Editorial programme

February / March 2019 - Special Topics: Chemicals/ Petrochemicals Desalination
Spotlight: Metso Flow Control Oy, Finland
Technical Insight I: Slurries and industrial abrasive material/mining
Technical Insight II: Inspection during manufacturing: Does we get what we want as end-users?
Technical Insight III: Sealing developments
Technical Insight IV: Emissions Technology
Country Focus: Bangladesh
Bonus Distribution:
► Chemtech- Mumbai, Feb 20-23 2019
► EGYPS Petroleum show, New Cairo, Feb. 11-13-2019
► EPEx Process Eng., Muscat-Oman, April 7-9 2019
Reservation & material deadline: 23 January 2019
April / May2019 - Special Topics: Water & Wastewater
Spotlight: Casting Special 
Technical Insight I: Use of big data
Technical Insight II: Coatings against corrosion
Technical Insight III: Trends in the valve industry
Technical Insight IV: Castings & Forgings
Technical Insight: Valves in the urea industries
Bonus Distribution:
►Valve World Americas Expo & Conf.,Houston-USA- June 19-20-2019
Reservation & material deadline: 22 March 2019
June / July 2019 - Special Topics: Oil & Gas (Onshore & Offshore)/Smart & Control Valves
Spotlight: Microfinish Valves Pvt Ltd India
Technical Insight I: Fertilizers & urea plants
Technical Insight II:
Valve developments
Technical Insight III: Insight to vendor deliverables and standardization of products
Technical Insight IV: Cryogenic valves
Country Focus: Sri Lanka
Deadline date: 15th May
Bonus Distribution:
► Flow Control Exchange Mumbai - India, Oct. 3-4-2019
Reservation & material deadline: 23 May 2019
August / September 2019 - Special Topics: LNG/Emission Control
Spotlight: Bray International, USA
Technical Insight I: New developments in pharma industry
Technical Insight II: Valves in the food industry
Technical Insight III: Exotic materials
Technical Insight IV: Problem solving
issues with valves
Country Focus: Qatar
Deadline date: 15th July
Bonus Distribution:
►Valve World Asia Conf. & Expo- Shanghai, China, Aug. 28-29-2019
► Flow Control Exchange Mumbai - India, Oct. 3-4-2019
Reservation & material deadline: 24 July 2019
October / November 2019 - Special Topics: Power Generation – Nuclear + Conventional /Severe
Spotlight : Available: Bliss Anand India
Technical Insight I: Smart valves
Technical Insight II: Lined valves
Technical Insight III: Gaskets, packings, bellows
Technical Insight IV: Market Outlook
Country Focus: Saudi Arabia
Deadline date: 15th September
Bonus Distribution:
► ADIPCE , Abu-Dhabi, UAE
Reservation & material deadline: 23 September 2019
December 2019 / January 2020 - Special Topics: Actuations & Networks/Materials & Manufacturing
Spotlight: CRANE Energy Flow Solutions USA
Review of FCE India
Technical Insight I: Actuators, flowmeters, gearboxes
Technical Insight II: New developments in valve design
Technical Insight III: Smart cities
Technical Insight IV: Lubricants –Emissions Control
Country Focus: Kuwait
Deadline date: 15th Novembe
Reservation & material deadline: 23 November 2019
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