NORMA Group acquires Kimplas Piping Systems Ltd., India

16 April 2018

To further expand its market position in the water management business, NORMA Group has signed an agreement to acquire Kimplas Piping Systems Ltd. (“Kimplas”). Kimplas is a leading Indian manufacturer of joining technology made of thermoplastic materials. The parties agreed on NORMA Group purchasing 100% of the shares in Kimplas and that they would maintain confidentiality with respect to the other transaction details. The transaction is expected to close by mid-2018.

Electrofusion parts

Kimplas is headquartered in Nashik in the West Indian state of Maharashtra. Its product portfolio includes compression fittings, sprinklers, drippers, valves, filters and electrofusion parts such as tapping tees and saddles for gas and water pipes.

Kimplas’ customers include export companies, water supply boards, gas distribution companies in India and abroad, micro-irrigation companies, building and construction businesses. In addition, the company distributes plastic pipes and imported fittings as well as electrofusion welding machines and tools. Kimplas markets its products mainly to customers in India and has generated preliminary sales of around EUR 21 M in fiscal year 2018.