Deka named as Resident Chief Executive of Oil India Ltd

04 February 2019

Pranjit Deka, ED (HR&A) takes over as Resident Chief Executive of Oil India Limited with effect from February 1, 2019.

Pranjit Deka
Source: Google

A Civil Engineer by profession with a degree in Management (HR) and a Certified Petroleum Manager, Pranjit Deka has been working in Oil India Limited since 1983.

As Executive Director (HR&A), he was overall in charge of the HR functions of the Company at Field Head Quarters (FHQ), Duliajan and was responsible for Policy formation and strategic decision making on diverse areas that also included the implementation of CSR projects in the past twelve years.

A visionary leader with strategic intent and wide experience, Deka believes in fair and firm dealing.

Deka has been conferred with “Pride of Assam Award” (For Corporate Excellence) – For Excellence in HR by World CSR Day and World Sustainability recently and he is presently holding the position of Chairman, Assam Chapter of NIPM (National Institute of Personnel Management).

One of his focus areas includes the responsibility of devising policies and strategies for effective boundary management and integration with different stakeholders – communities, organizations, district authorities, Govt. representatives, public, unions & associations etc.

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