A 56 km pipeline built for water supply in Maharashtra

07 January 2019

A 56 km pipeline will carry 90 MLD water from the Cantonment water works and the Bhama Ashked pipeline project to water tanks in Dhanori, Kalas, Vadgaonsheri and the nearby areas on Ahmednagar Road.

Bhama Ashked pipeline project
Source: Google

A total of 346.8 km and 255.09 km pipelines will be laid in these sections, respectively.

The pipeline work is part of the 1,600 km conduit for the 24×7 water supply project. As many as 103 tanks will be built across the city under the scheme by 2020 21.

As per estimates, in the next five years INR 2,900 crore will be spent on building an equitable water supply system for the city.

The pipelines will improve water distribution in Pune’s eastern parts. Local residents will benefit as the water will untimely reach the households directly. The replacement of old pipelines and laying of new ones will be done.

After the pipeline, work on installing water meters will be carried out.

Along with the 24×7 water supply project, these pipelines will also be useful for the Bhama Askhed dam water supply project.

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