PM Oli lays foundation for sewage plant at Lalitpur

07 January 2019

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has laid the foundation stone for a sewage treatment plant at Balkumari of Lalitpur recently.

Source: Google

The plant is to be constructed by the Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation. It is targeted to be completed within the coming five years. Such sewage treatment plants are located at Guheshwori, Sallaghari, Balkumari (Kodku) and Sundarighat in the Kathmandu Valley.

Prime Minister Oli said the government was working vigorously to complete the Melamchi Water Supply Project and distribute water from the project in Kathmandu at the earliest possible even if delayed by few weeks.

PM Oli said 70% of the total water flowing in the Ganges River in India was the water fed by rivers flowing through Nepal, which has saved Bihar and Uttar Pradesh of India from desertification.

The water that is treated at the plant could be used for various purposes. The sludge could be used for generating electricity and producing organic manure.

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