L&T Valves appoints Mahesh Joshi as Chief Executive

09 July 2018

Mr Mahesh Joshi has assumed office as Chief Executive and Director of L&T Valves from 2nd July 2018. Mr Joshi is a global business executive with three decades of experience in senior management roles as President of Centrifugal Compression at Cameron, Group President at Circor Energy, General Manager for Heavy Industrial Products at Ingersoll Rand and CEO of Vulcan Management.

Mr Mahesh Joshi

Mr Joshi holds a Masters in International Strategy and Diplomacy from London School of Economics, an MBA from Murray State University, USA, and a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering. He is an alumni of University of Oxford - Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Program and Harvard Business School - Advanced Management Program. He is the author of ‘Global Business’ book published by Oxford University Press.

Mr Joshi will operate from Sharjah Office of L&T Valves.

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