Punjab Govt. approves petrochemical unit with 23,000 Cr

09 July 2018

The Punjab Government has given its approval to set up Bathinda petrochemical unit near Guru Gobind Singh refinery in Bathinda district. The project will cost INR 23,000 crore and will start to produce basic raw material that goes into making of plastics in 2021. The unit will be started its construction within three months.

Bathinda petrochemical unit

The project will be established by the India’s HPCL-Mittal Energy Ltd (HMEL). The oil refinery has been working in Bathinda. New project would able to provide opportunity to 12,000 youth directly. The recruitment will be done through the website of Industry department and preference in recruitment will be given to Punjab domicile job seekers, especially from the Bathinda area. The HPCL and Mittal Energy is more keen to establish its unit as early as possible, while the Government is also completing formalities, swiftly. 150 industrial units worth rupee more than 8,000 crore have been established in the State after coming Captain Government in the State.

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