THDC floats INR 8,000 cr tender for Khurja power plant

11 June 2018

Foraying into thermal power segment, state-run THDC India will float INR 8,000 crore tender this month for providing main package for its 1320 MW coal-based Khurja project, which entails an investment of INR 12,676 crore.

Khurja power plant
Source: Google

While the first unit is scheduled to be commissioned in November 2022, second unit would go on steam by April 2023.

THDCIL, formerly known as Tehri Hydro Development Corporation Ltd, is a joint venture of Central and Uttar Pradesh governments with equity sharing in the ratio of 3:1 (75:25%).

Talking about the tie-up for funds for the project, Power Finance Corporation (PFC) is willing to finance the project at a competitive interest rate of 9.25% because THDCIL has already acquired 1,201 acre of land for the project, which is more than sufficient.

The total investment in the project is estimated at of INR 12,676 crore which includes INR 11,089 crore on power plant and INR 1,587 crore for development of Amelia coal mine in district Singraulli in Madhya Pradesh.

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