India set to extend USD 310 M loan for Hwange plant

11 June 2018

The Indian Government has expressed willingness to extend a USD 310 M soft loan to Zimbabwe to finance a rehabilitation programme for Hwange Thermal Power station that would entail upgrading the plant and extending its lifespan by a further 15-20 years.

Hwange Thermal Power station
Source: Google

The power plant has design capacity of 4 × 120 MW and has reflected in the high cost of operating the power station.

Hwange Power Station is the country's second biggest power plant, although it currently to generate to a maximum 550 MW out of a design capacity of 920 MW due to old age. This also sees the country failing to meet demand of 1,600 MW, against production of 1,400 MW, internally.

As such, Zimbabwe imports some of the power it consumes from the region, mainly South Africa and Mozambique to cover deficit, which manifests mostly during peak demand periods, mornings and evenings. The project will be financed through a loan from the Indian Government through the Indian Exim Bank.

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