Tahal helps Haryana for rehabilitation of 8,000 ponds

14 May 2018

Tahal Group of Israel, which has expertise in diverse fields, including waste-water management, micro-irrigation and infrastructure, has agreed to send a team of experts to Haryana soon to help find solutions to such issues as rehabilitation of 8,000 ponds in villages, which are overflowing, waste-water recycling and its use for irrigation after treatment.

Waste-water treatment

Tahal experts will visit various departments and also guide the Haryana Government on master planning for water management. Tahal Group is a leading global provider of sustainable infrastructure development projects in developing countries worldwide.

Leveraging proven international experience, expert know-how and extensive industry partnerships, it also deals in water resource management, waste water treatment, integrated agriculture development, solid waste management and natural gas and implements cost effective solutions that meet and exceed client requirements.

Tahal only collaborates with governments. Set up in 1952, it has successfully implemented hundreds of projects for Governments, municipalities, public organizations and private corporations in over 60 countries worldwide.

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