Jalgaon bags an order for integrated irrigation project

12 March 2018

Jalgaon, Jain Irrigation Systems Limited India’s largest microirrigation company and agriculture conglomerate has bagged order for Integrated Irrigation Solution Project in Karnataka.

This integrated project involves: (i) Detailed engineering topographical Survey, construction of Approach channel, Jack well cum Pump House. (ii) Supply and installation of MS Rising Mains and pumping unit at Jack well. (iii) Erecting of power transmission line, substation and necessary electrical infrastructure. (iv) Supply and installation of pressurized MS/HDPE/PVC pipe distribution network from source to each farmer’s field. (v) Supply and installation of automated control along with primary and secondary automated self–cleaning filters at zonal and sub zonal level. (vi) Supply and installation of Drip Irrigation System. (vii) Formation of Water User Association and Training to WUA’s. (viii) Operation and Maintenance of the system for 5 year and Handover of project to VJNL.

This project is based on unique concept of integrated Lift cum Drip irrigation project. This project is planned for improving water use efficiency in canal command areas through conduit distribution and use of Drip Irrigation system from main canal onwards.

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