Indian Oil lays new pipeline between Ennore & Korukkupe

12 March 2018

Indian Oil Corporation will lay five underground pipelines of about 22 km between its Ennore and Korukkupet terminals in the northern part of Chennai at an estimated cost of about INR 730 crore.

The proposed new pipelines project between Ennore and Korukkupet terminals will help save transport costs and secure flexibility to adjust fuel supplies according to market demand.

This will provide a lot of flexibility to operations. The old underground pipelines (for a distance of 5 km) were operating for nearly four decades and they have been re-routed as huge inhabitation has taken place over these years.

To make the operations safe, three new pipelines were laid underground along the railway route for white oil products such as petrol and diesel, black oil products (fuel oil) and lube oils. These pipelines have been provided with higher thickness as a stronger safety measure. Also, features such as optical fibre cable (for data transfer), leak detection, surge relief, thermal relief system and automatic shutdown facility are also part of this new pipeline project.

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