Atria places 40 MW firm for Basavane, Karnataka

09 October 2017

Atria Brindavan Power Private Limited places 40 MW firm and unconditional order for the first phase of the BasavaneBagewadi Wind Farm in the Bijapur district of Karnataka state.

The order includes supply and installation of 18 V110-2.2 MW turbines, a 15-year full-scope Active Output Management 5000 (AOM5000) service agreement as well as a VestasOnlineĀ® Business SCADA solution for data-driven monitoring and preventive maintenance.

Turbine delivery and commissioning is expected for the Q1 2018.

With more than 37 GW installed in 45 countries on six continents since its debut, Vestasā€™ 2 MW platform is the most widely installed platform in the industry.

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