SUEZ & BWSSB partnership for wastewater treatment

09 October 2017

Water Supply and Sewerage Board of Bangalore has selected SUEZ to support the city in the improvement of wastewater infrastructures for 2 M inhabitants of Vrishabhavathi Valley’s district. The building contract will be followed by a 10-year period of operation for a total revenue of € 82 M.

The Group will design and build a new wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 150,000 m3/day. Equipped with activated sludge process (bacterial treatment), the plant will treat effluents to achieve an optimum discharge quality into the Vrishabhavathi River. The treatment plants will be equipped with SUEZ’s Degrémont® technologies (Sedipac™ and Digelis™).

The long partnership between SUEZ and BWSSB is based on a common commitment to offer quality drinking water and wastewater services to Bangalore’s inhabitants. It illustrates the Group's ability to provide reliable and locally-tailored solutions to the growing challenge of access to drinking water and sanitation in large municipalities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata.

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